We have a wide selection of decadent pastries for you to choose from. Our chef are constantly working to adapt and improve our products by season.

We take orders for large cakes made for special occasions. If you have a birthday coming up, contact us, or give us a call. Tell us which style of cake you would like to have made and we can make it happen. Take a look at some of our past cakes menu

If you are preparing for a large event and hoping to have fresh, delicious French pastries, we can cater. Contact us to send in your order and we can have them made and delivered to you.

Our bakery can produce in large quantities. If you are looking for quality French pastries and bread, consider trying our products and getting in contact with us.

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French pastry and confectionary are unique. They offer a wide variety, from decadent fruit tarts to rich and creamy chocolate desserts. They are very flaky. This flakiness quality and amazing taste come from the skilled hands and effort of French pastry chefs incorporating a lot of butter into their dessert.

It doesn’t stop there, French desserts can light and fluffy as well as rich and creamy. Rich chocolate mouse and fruit-based mouse will melt in your mouth with a delightful taste. The creation of French pastry takes a long time, a lot of effort along with years of experience and practice from the chefs. Over the centuries, French patisseries have created recipes and techniques to combine various texture and taste to give us the best pastries and desserts.